A large metal locker with a strong lock.located in a bank of lockers underneath a stairwell out of public view:

  • A page torn from a porn magazine. One of the women pictured is circled in black marker pen.
  • Pristine Copy of August 1997 Penthouse Magazine in a plastic sleeve
  • A pair of women's U.S. size 8, red patent leather knee-high platform stripper boots with front lace-ups. Silver star-shaped nipple pasties with tassels, side zip-up silver hot pants, and a black garter band are tucked in the left boot.
  • A 5" ceramic "utility" kitchen knife. The handle has been coated in pine tar.
  • A police issue Taser gun.
  • 10 Boxes of .50 Caliber Ammunition (20 rounds each box)
  • 6x 13 round magazines for a 9mm pistol.
  • A short typed document damaged heavily by water. The body of the text is indecipherable but a few phrases are intact "...there is a warehouse of Bismouth Street where certain surgical procedures are performed..."
  • A US military standard issue M16A2 5.56mm assault rifle. Fully loaded.
  • Five homebrew backpacks with internal carbon frames and ultra-light kevlar sacks. Within the packs are:
    • base/wicking layers of clothing cut from experimental fabrics
    • insulation layers also from experimental fabrics
    • common brand windproof/waterproof outer layers.
  • They also contain
    • a five-seasons sleeping bag
    • one man tent
    • cheap multitool knife
    • old brass compass
    • a wind-up athletic stop watch
    • ultra-light and bright resin-composite LED flashlight with a weighted end for hammering/bludgeoning
    • A wash kit (Containing: tooth paste and tooth brush, dental floss, small soap and bandana to dry off with, toilet paper in waterproof zip-lock bag, hand sanitizer, and SPF50 sunscreen)
    • very basic first aid kit (Containing: Band-Aids, Neosporin ointment in a small tube, moleskin)
    • a very basic repair kit (duct tape and a sewing kit from a hotel)
    • extra batteries for flashlight
    • waterproof matches
    • a Camelbak hydration system with built-in osmosis filters
    • two weeks worth of packet food
    • high-end sunglasses
    • pencil, pen and topographical map packets for the area.
    • Sturdy off-the-shelf hiking boots from a local outfitter sit in front of each pack along with tourist-or-weekend-warrior clothing appropriate to the local climate. (Who wants to wear the floppy hat and the "I'm with Stupid --->" tee shirt?)
  • Half a fifth of Jameson Irish Whiskey.
  • A smooth brass cup of 6" diameter. This crudely hammered cup is very plain in appearance, tapering down from the outwardly folded lip to a base of about 3" diameter. There are likenesses of unidentifiable tentacled shapes that have been etched on the sides. There is also one place on the rim where someone appears to have bitten down very hard, leaving a bite print on both inside and out. The bites appear to be most likely from an adult, but are not deep enough to be of any reliable forensic value.
  • Blue velvet cloth wrapping something. (If the cloth is unwrapped it contains a gold medal for the biathlon, from the XIII Olympic Winter Games, held at Lake Placid in the USA in February 1980.)

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