An RTA was attended and signs of othere recent RTAs were obvious. A local reverend Ishmail Neely - pressed for info and seemed to be hiding something.

No problems with the vehicle.

Investigations hinted at the possibility of a ghostly Lincoln Town Car, possibly driven by a revenant of Nealy the younger. This car seems to haunt one particular area and manifest itself about once a fortnight - it is possible that only the victims see the vehicle.

The first victims are, on the face of it, the only 'logical' ones, as they may have been responsible for the death of the Reverand and his wife. The others appear random.

We need to cross reference any other connections - times, dates, relationships maybe. Either that or figure out what makes the Rev keep coming back & tackle that.

This is the second definite ghostly manifestation we have encountered - c.f the apartment fire

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